Why Cosmectic Tattoo

Never be held up applying pencil that smudges away

Tattooed eyebrows are smudge proof: you won’t need to worry about how you look ever again. Rain, hail or shine; your cosmetic tattoo will be there. Whether you are having a swim in the ocean, a dip in the pool or just getting out of the shower, your brows will be intact!

 Save time in the morning

Why drag yourself out of bed earlier when you can get in another 20 minutes of sleep in the morning? Semi-permanent makeup can save you time in the morning EVERY DAY, you can almost roll out of bed and be on your way!

Create contour and definition to your face

Permanent eyebrows are sought after because of the way they can define a face. A well-placed, well-shaped brow can make our face look thinner, more polished, make your eyes look bigger and create harmony in your facial features. See more on this topic in the Visual Identity Design section.

Medical Cosmetic Tattoo

Some people suffer from a condition called alopecia, which causes them to lose the hair on their bodies, including eyebrows. Semi-Permanent makeup can help them restore the looks of their eyebrows, along with their confidence, mending the physical and psychological effects of the condition. People who have Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis or impaired motor skills may also find it physically difficult to apply makeup due to less mobile coordination skills. Cosmetic tattoos can help with these difficulties by taking the stress out of daily maintenance for these clients. The treatment can also be done in patients with cancer and severe burn injuries.

 Cost Savings

Makeup prices can get pretty expensive and if you wear it every day, that’s thousands of dollars every year! Cosmetic tattoo is a one-off cost that saves you money in the long run, as you won’t have to be adding additional makeup products to your shopping basket.

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