Why Recode

Have you ever been to the hairdresser and asked for a haircut like the one you saw in the magazine, and then were disappointed with the result? That’s common. After all, want to replicate what inspires us.

However, when it comes to beauty, one size does not fit all. This approach can end up in serious self-image issues and results that are far from expected.

Real beauty only exists when there is an integration between how you feel and how you see yourself. That’s where Visual Identity Design comes in.

The Recode Method

The recode method is based on the perception that lines, forms and colours that compose our personal image, also called archetypes, are interpreted by everyone in the same manner.

These archetypes provoke an immediate emotional reaction in others, even before the image is recognised and understood rationally.

More than a technique, it is a science based on the foundations of visual language, aesthetics, optical physics, geometry, psychology and ancient knowledge.

The best part: it is now available to you.

Visual Identity Designs

Real beauty only exists when there is an integration between:
1. How you feel and see yourself
2. How others see you, and
3. How you perceive others to see you

That’s where Visual Identity Design comes in.

It consists of a set of techniques used to enhance your natural features after studying your physical and psychological traits. This method has been gaining great visibility in Europe and America, and we are very excited to be bringing it first hand into Australia.

How it Works

Before your procedure, you will go through a specific assessment where we will understand your identity, style, personality, and also how others perceive you.
The combination of these elements is what makes it possible to reflect your profile with harmony and aesthetics when designing your ideal cosmetic tattoo.

For this reason, we can say that Visual identity design walks hand in hand with your quality of life.

Why it is Important?

We all know that looks are directly linked to self-esteem and confidence. When you look good you tend to be healthier and more energetic.

Studies on non-verbal cues have also shown that we make a snap judgement and decide if we believe, like or trust someone, in as little as 2 seconds. That’s when our brains access symmetry, volume and colour.

Hence, our looks are directly related to how others perceive us. It influences things like how serious, friendly, conservative or approachable we come across.

Needless to say, if your job requires you to be seen as open and friendly, having your image portraying you as timid and reserved may not work on your favour. On the other hand, if your looks that are aligned with what you are trying to communicate, your message will be interpreted effectively and your relationships will flourish.

For this reason, we can say that Visual Identity Design walks hand in hand with your quality of life.

Eyebrows are a fundamental part of our expression. For that reason, they also need to be in harmony with our personality.

And there is more: your eyebrows highlight the beauty of your eyes and make them look more striking. Taking these factors in consideration is a ‘make-it-or-break-it’ when doing your eyebrow cosmetic tattoo.

Eyebrows in Visual Identity Design

Eyebrows can make an incredible difference to your eyes. What most of us don’t know is that they have long had a role in facial expression and non-verbal cues, being instrumental in facial recognition technologies.

Have you ever seen a person without eyebrows? If not, try searching for a photo. Their facial expression is practically null!

Studies show that we are 54% less likely to be recognised if our eyebrows are completely removed. In fact, we now have technology (specifically meant for mask wearers) that identify people just by their eyes and eyebrows!

This means that they are instrumental in communicating our identity and personality, the very same things that makes us unique and differentiate us from one another.

Taking these factors in consideration is crucial when doing your cosmetic tattoo.

What are the main techniques that we use​

Your personailty achetype

In order to identify your personality archetype, we consider the beauty temperaments defined by the psychoanalyst Carl Jung

  • Sanguine beauty: it is characterized by energy and vibration. You are outgoing, dynamic, fearless and creative. Thus, it conveys joy and enthusiasm.
  • Choleric beauty: it is marked by attitude. You show strength, courage, determination, leadership and power.
  • Phlegmatic beauty: it radiates serenity and spirituality. You are sweet and welcoming, as well as friendly and diplomatic. 
  • Melancholic beauty: represents elegance, sensitivity and sophistication. You have an artistic fleur, which has a lot of charm and inspires calm. 

Your self-esteem level

Our questionnaire closely evaluates your levels of self-esteem to gather the information we need when deciding the best cosmetic tattoo design for you.

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